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Vicki L. Moag

Here is where I get to tell you some fun stuff about me growing up! (Yes, that still means now…aren’t we all still learning?)

I grew up in the northern mountains of Pennsylvania with a love for music and the outdoors that stemmed from countless adventures with five older sisters.

There weren't cell phones and computers so the sky was the limit. My sisters were my best friends growing up and unique relationships were formed with each other that carried on throughout adulthood. Dad was our imagination maker, Mom taught us how to sing praises and understand who God is, and my little brother came as a surprise when I was seven...(he is the best!)

I fell in love with my “hunka mountain man” husband in 2001 (you better believe there is a story behind that one!) we were married and lived “happily ever after…” ok, now for real... Shortly after all of our kiddos were born, we moved to the coastal zone (so my son tells me…) of South Carolina.

Moving here was like entering the "Twilight Zone". But I sure do like it and for now, there is no other place I'd rather be. Friendships were formed as we joined a local Christian church, relationships were forged with the launch of a local MOPS group (Mothers of Preschoolers Int.), and we enjoyed the public school setting until the boys attended middle school.

Homeschooling then became a new way of life through Classical Conversations and our educational journey took off like a rocket. As my children are now emerging adults, I find myself finishing a bachelor's degree in Public Health and Communications where my spare time is filled with reading, writing, and the duties of a domestic engineer.

Hunky Husband
Aurora and Elijah Family and Friend Photo
Vicki L. Moag

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This is where I'll share parenting tips, hard-learned lessons from homeschooling, and health pointers as we Praise God in all we do. I'm glad you've found me and I look forward to hearing from you as we meet together here within the pages!

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You Were Made To Praise God

From the dome of the sky, day or night, to the forest, desert, swamps, and seas, all creatures join in song to praise the Lord and His creation. With interactive, catchy lyrics and a video to sing and dance along with, readers of all ages can praise the Lord wherever they roam.

You were made to Praise God by Vicki L. Moag