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Birthday Blessings

As her name was called, she paused, collecting her thoughts she briefly wondered what did I bring?  “Oh, yes, that’s it,” she whispered.  She gathered her pink polka dotted bag from underneath her chair.  She calmly stood in front of the class, introduced herself, and then revealed to us her item that she was presenting.   It was her blanket.

She began to describe all her favorite things about it, where it belongs in the house, and how often she uses it.  The blanket no longer was referred to as “it”, but “her”, and she makes sure that she has “her” every night.

I know this might sound silly to you, but my eyes started to fill up.  I needed to get a hold of myself quick before I had to explain myself. So I did, but now I want to explain myself to you.

This little girl blessed me today with her presentation.  You see, I too had a blanket when I was her age.  It’s name was “blankie”.  My mom kept it for me over all these years and I have it still today, packed away.  I can see it vividly, it’s yellow color has faded and it’s beyond tattered.

Second Grade

Second Grade

Sitting, listening to her answer questions from classmates, I could remember how my “blankie” smelled and how it comforted me. A stream of childhood memories washed over me.  Sweet memories of birthdays past with all my sisters, baby brother, dad and mom gathered at the table, singing to me.  One of my older sisters celebrates her birthday a day before me.  (By the way today is my birthday!) So sometimes we celebrated together.  We both would have curled pig tails, not a hair out of line, and missing only a few teeth.  I loved to see my sister(s) smile.  I loved the fact that at that time of my childhood, we were a unified family.  Now we each have families of our own….

I’m thankful for the memories that were stirred within me today.  For the smell of childhood, love, and sibling bonds.  I’m thankful for parents who trailed a blaze of examples for us to use with our families, even if they weren’t perfect, we’re all still in the business of learning.

I had no idea that today that child’s blanket would trigger in me such raw emotion, but I’m thankful that it did.

Is today your birthday too?  Then Happy Birthday to you!  And don’t forget that no matter what may come your way, you are still fearfully and wonderfully made!

So let me ask you, every year as your birthday comes and you become a year wiser, what childhood memory do you hold dear?  



  1. pathsofpeace on October 8, 2013 at 8:54 pm

    I didn’t know today was your birthday!!! Happy, happy birthday to a friend who is wise, funny, and always revealing the humble heart of Christ. I hope this is your best year yet!

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