My heart is beating once more…

Passion with Kristian Stanfill: Let the future begin tour.

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Last night in Myrtle Beach, SC was the last stop for this particular tour.  I prepared not knowing what I was really in for but excited because I was going.  From the moment we left the house (a dear friend had invited Aurora and I to join her,) God was working on me. For some time now my attitude has been terrible.  I’ve allowed anger to play apart in my relationships and have been getting mad about the littlest things.  This might not seem like a big deal to you, but that is not who I am.

Before the band even came out on stage you could feel His presence. This was not like any concert that I’ve ever experienced before.  It was more than hearing the music, it was active participation in worshiping our Lord God, with all of my heart, soul, mind, and strength.  It was being cleansed by the truth of His Word, that even after all that I’ve put others through despite my actions, attitude, and tongue, He forgives me.  He loves me.  I cried through more than one song as my Beloved reminded me that He is mine and I am His.

I heard the angels singing. It was magnificent.

I linked hands with the persons next to me because we are a part of the Body of Christ, united under One God the Father, our Lord Jesus Christ.

I danced with people around me on “God’s great dance floor.”  Why?

Because I’m alive, my heart is beating anew, and it’s all because of Jesus.



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