Naked Tree

Naked Trees

The walking trails that bordered the marsh each had its own story to tell.  As I walked with Julius down them to observe nature, I saw creation crying out.  Everywhere I turned there was decay and disease among the trees.


The first tree that we came upon had it’s roots showing.  Three different colored fungi surrounded them. Moss was growing up it’s base and fan tailed fungus covered the sides of the tree.  The top was barren with no leaves, nothing.  It just stood there covered with disease.

pic 0826 065

“…that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay…” Romans 8:21a 

Something that I’ve never seen.  A tree stood half naked. It’s bark was just lying on the ground around it. (After looking closer I could see where the tree was leaning against another, keeping it from crashing to the ground.)


Ten more steps and there was another just like it. (Only this one WAS still standing).  A few more steps and yet another.  Looking up I could see it happening all around.  The pine trees were dying not one by one, but in groups.  What was happening to these beautiful trees?  Why were they falling apart like that?

Then finally, were the trees already fallen and in their stages of decay.  From the beginning of this trail to the end we saw each stage:

  1. the tree that fell most recentlyPic_0826_062
  2. another that had lay there long enough to have many termites and other insects devour holes into it; weakening it even more.
  3. being able to see the remnants where the great tree first fell and all that is left of the trunk is it’s inner core, the size of a sapling, decaying further until it’s gone.

“For the creation waits in eager expectation

for the children of God to be revealed.”

Romans 8:19

Stay with me. There is more to come…

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