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The beauty of being able to play

The pediatric dentists office was busy this morning.  The waiting room didn’t have an empty chair and others were left standing.  Some children were sitting on the lap of a parent and being read too.  Others entertained themselves by watching the television or were caught exercising their thumbs on some sort of electronic device…


But what intrigued me the most and captured my attention, were the two preschool aged boys that sat at the magnetic activity table.   With all of the other things that could engage them, holding their imagination at bay, they played together.  They weren’t playing with the table like you might think.  Each of them had brought with them super heroes and together they fought the bad guy and hid in the secret lair.  Both so innocent, so involved in sharing and making sure each other was having fun.

How often do we see that?  These boys weren’t born knowing how to play, how to share, or how to be kind.  It was taught to them.  Modeled to them.  A reminder of how important our behavior is because our children are watching from the minute they are born, soaking in everything we do like a sponge.  Everything from how we treat our spouses, to manners, to our attitudes…

Neither one of these boys yelled, screamed, hit, or was mean.  They just smiled, laughed, and when a little girl came into the waiting room, they made room for her.  One little boy got up and asked mommy for another super hero so she could play.  It was done without hesitation.  It was refreshing to see these three do more than what they wanted. They put each other first making it all the more fun!

Instead of wishing I was somewhere else this morning, I’m thankful that I was able to witness the beauty of them playing.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget how important playing is when your children start to grow before your very eyes.  And who says you can be too old to play?  And why is it that at times, when adults need to get along, we make things so difficult?

Out of curiosity sake, and if you have kiddos, (under the age of 18), how do you have “play” time together?

I look forward to your comments!  Thanks!


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