Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore – entering the estate

As we approached Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC, I had to contain my excitement as for some time now I had desired to see the house and the grounds. I must confess we had attempted to see the house once before and had only made it as far as the building that sold the tickets for entry. That was over 5 years ago when our children were smaller and we were not prepared for the price necessary for admittance.

We approached the first man whose hearty welcome and smile set the stage for what was yet to come. He kindly told us we had arrived; the ticket house was ahead on our left and to enjoy our stay. And so we did. The ticket house rests on a small hill that overlooks all who enter and exit the grounds. There as well we were greeted by a hostess who explained the exhibits through out the home and she too shared a warm greeting with us. Upon our ticket purchase we were given instructions on how to officially enter the grounds and park our vehicle.

We did it! The tickets were ours. Now we could enter the grounds. We gathered back in the car and rode the 8 miles to the parking lot gleaning all the beauty of the woods as we passed along, beside, and within them.

Once parked we decided not to ride the shuttle but to walk along the trail that led to the house. Our steps were light and quick and as we turned the corner there was evidence we had reached  our destination. Ahead a gate opened so that once passed you could see the home to your right.


The  gate extended towards the home with statues a top stone pillars that welcomed guests through with vehicles.


A great stone wall lined the premises to the left of us that once having climbed the stone steps  you could see the house from an amazing view.


There the house stands in its detail and craftsmanship; in its beauty.


The Biltmore Estate, Ashville, NC

It truly is a sight to see and I look forward to sharing with you a few of the wonderful treasures we discovered…


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