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I just read over my writing from Wednesday and I must apologize.  I made it sound like those with cancer or sickness spread there disease and made people suffer!  That is by NO MEANS what I intended to show with my words.  Please forgive me, and let me correct what I was trying to say…short, simple, and to the point.

  1. The trees reminded me of people.  There are many different shapes and sizes.
  2. The fungus did remind me of sickness and disease.  Sometimes it can take over the body and sadly it can take life.

Now, onto the totally different point I was trying to make with the trees:

As the bark lay there on the ground I was stunned.  A part of me wanted to glue it back on or help it in some way.  It looked sad standing there with half its bark.  But as Julius and I walked along I remembered the scripture I had read days before; it was the warning about false prophets. And I got to thinking sometimes people look so good on the outside and they say just the right thing all the time, they have lots of money, or a great job…but what is on the inside?

Are we listening to the world or to what God says?  Are we allowing others to influence us to disobey, when we are called to be radical for Christ by loving others, encouraging them, and testifing to this world about the gift of Jesus?  The whole point of me mentioning the news is because we can allow ourselves to get caught up in the world and what it considers to be good and bad, instead of getting caught up in Jesus.

And the trees that died. They were hopeless.  But their is hope for us who believe and have accepted the gift of Jesus Christ, the gift of salvation.

Please know I mean no harm with my writings, only to encourage you as you live your life…may it be for Christ.

With love, Vicki L. Moag

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