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Carrying the Weight.

I pushed through to finish my run this morning, but something wasn’t quite right. I was off balance. From the past week I have had I was carrying around troubles that were making my run hard to the point where I wanted to give up. But I couldn’t. GE DIGITAL CAMERAI had to finish and take my kiddos to school.
On the way we had a teaching moment. We were listening to Romans on CD (yes, it was spoken by younger adults including Corbin Bleu and Anna Sophia Robb…one of the narrator’s was Max Lucado) and Paul’s words struck my heart. They were hard to hear. I am paraphrasing ~ You can listen to God’s word all you want, but if you don’t live it, and obey his commands than it doesn’t matter. You have to do more than just read it, you have to live it.
With the kids off to school I pulled into the parking lot and could hear the ocean waves crashing. Walking out onto the beach all the weight I had been carrying around felt like it was taken off and carried away with the wind. To stand there looking at the vast ocean put things into perspective for me. God is bigger than any of my problems, I felt stangely at peace. What a mighty God, to create the ocean, the earth, the heavens, you and me. So beautiful, so profound, so magnificent.

So how about you? Have you ever felt like giving up? How were you encouraged by God’s word?


  1. thedocisin2012 on May 16, 2013 at 1:15 am

    I can relate. Wow, what a view! To have the ocean show us a glimpse of God’s magnitude is just incredible.

    What I use to remind me of God’s greatness is to remember what He has already done for me. He is awesome!

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