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Weddings are great fun, to prepare and to attend. There is the dress to pick out, the flowers, the cake. And naturally where, when, and who is going to come. I sometimes wonder who is more excited the Bride and Groom or the guests?
The last wedding we attended was more than 3 years ago and with our anniversary approaching it certainly brings back memories from our wedding. Like when it was supposed to be outside and it rained? And the wedding cake accidentally went up my nose? (and just for the record that burned like crazy!) And my husbands tux pants were too big and when we were dancing they fell down, and the DJ handed him a bunjy strap for a belt? (that was hilarious!) With all these things it was truly a wonderful and memorable, exciting day for me as I became Mrs. Vicki Moag…
Let me tell you the greatest wedding ever in the history of mankind, is in the making. The Groom is preparing a place for us and the Bride is getting prepared. The question is, has she handed out all the invitations? Have you got your invitation? You might be wondering what I am talking about and it is this. Jesus is the Groom, the Church is the Bride, the invitation is to a life saving relationship with the Groom, so that when he returns for His Bride, we can go. And believe me, with all the preparation we put into our own wedding ~ This Wedding Feast is going to be beyond your wildest imagination. Will you be ready? (You can read more about this in Matthew 22:1-14; Revelation 19: 6-8; and Revelation 22:16-17). The invitation needs to be delivered (by the Bride) and accepted (by you). Won’t you come?

What is a funny memory that you have had at a wedding?

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Author Vicki L. Moag grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania with a love for music and the outdoors. Now, whether singing in a choir, the congregation, or teaching children, she finds a way to share her love of music with others. She currently resides with her family in South Carolina, where they enjoy countless adventures together.


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