Freedom is not free

Washington D.C. was like nothing I had ever seen. Our feet walked through the Vietnam and WWII Memorials (as well as others) and silence overwhelmed me. GE DIGITAL CAMERA
The Three Soldiers statue stands overlooking the Wall as if they are keeping there eye on them. The Wall contained names that were too many for me to count. The stories that I had heard from Vietnam became all the more real to me. Not only was I not even born yet those men and women carry around stories that some of us cannot even bear.
The men and women involved fought not only for our physical country and our freedom, but for our integrity, they fought for you and for me, and for those who come after us. Our children and our grandchildren. They followed in the steps of this nations forefathers, a legacy that required valor beyond our day to day lives. GE DIGITAL CAMERAIt is because of them that we are Free Men and Women. We are not bound by physical chains, we are not slaves, we are One nation under God with Liberty and Justice for All. I am thankful for this physical freedom.

Have you thanked a veteran yet today?
Have you heard any stories or have memories about the Vietnam or WWII wars?
I would be honored if you would share them with us.
Happy Memorial Day!

Check out more information on the Vietnam Memorial at

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