Funny thing about cats…

After a while they tend to “grow” on you.  You see, for the longest time I didn’t like cats and didn’t want anything to do with them.  Then something happened and that all changed.



One summer, 7years ago, a friend called asking if we could take care of her cats for the summer.  I told her no, when she asked to talk with my husband I said sure (I was ABSOLUTELY positive he’d say no!).  Guess what?  He didn’t.  He said, “Sure bring them on over.  We’ll take care of them for the summer.”  It’s a good thing I didn’t have anything in my mouth or I would have choked.

It was then that Timmy and Scottie became a part of our family.  Two cats that weren’t the same in anyway, but they stuck together like glue.  They were almost like brothers.  I can tell you now that I am thankful she never came and got them.

Funny thing about cats…there is something about their nature that is calming.  They are all so different, their color, long hair or short hair, the whiskers are even different lengths.  Some have socks and some look like zebras (that would be Scottie).  Some are pampered and some are adventurous.  Some even stand up on there hind legs like dogs to get your attention saying “Pet me!” (I sometimes wonder if Timmy thought that he was a dog.)  Timmy loved to get my attention that way, whenever I was outside, he would come find me.  Whenever Mark was outside cooking, Timmy would stand there by the grill waiting for a taste test.  If I called to him, he would come.  When we sat around the campfire, he would sit on my lap and listen as we told stories around the fire.  He was the best cat ever.

Why am I saying was?  Timmy has been missing for the past 4 days.  And yesterday I found him.  Now I know why he didn’t come.  He couldn’t.  I know it might sound silly, but I miss that cat.  Before now, I didn’t understand how people can get so attached to animals.  I hate to admit it but I thought they were silly.  Now guess who’s being silly?  Me.  My Timmy, I’ve cried  a couple times (shh don’t tell),  he was my cool cat.  I’m so thankful that he ended up being apart of our family after all.

So how about you?  Do you have any pets?  Cats? Dogs? Birds?  I’d enjoy reading some of your stories, so please share them!


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