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Grandma Moments

In the wake of this week our daughter has participated in a pageant, our oldest son spent hours on a science fair project, and Grandma passed away. Not just any grandma, she was our last living grandma, my dad’s mother. I began to share with my kiddos some of the memories I had from childhood. In memory of her and the approaching day of Thanksgiving I wanted to share a moment of thanks…

Snow had already fallen on the ground. In the bustle of the morning we all dressed, ate breakfast, and began our ride literally over the mountain and through the woods to Grandmother’s house (along with flowing creeks, twists and turns, many  a pot hole, and countless spotted cows grazing in the pastures.)

When riding together the youngest ones were smooshed in the middle of the back seat.  Catching a glimpse of the miniature convenient store on the corner meant that we were almost there. Mario’s (for the record that does not look like the correct spelling) was the place to go for a quick treat (aka bubble gum ice cream), soda, and a friendly smile.

We entered the little village and as we pulled in the driveway we were more than ready to get out of the car to see Grandpa and Grandma, Uncles and Aunts, and cousins that might have already beat us there.


The house was filled with the aroma of what was cooking, the tables already set, the Christmas tree was up waiting for next months gifts to be tucked under it’s bows, and greetings flowed from everyone’s lips.

The adults sat at the large table and guess where the little ones sat? In front of the T.V. at a card table watching the Macy’s Day parade! It was fabulous…When it came time for dessert (Grandmas’ lemon pies were always a hit) everyone would trickle into the living room. Grandpa would sit in his chair, Grandma would sit by the big window holding her white cat Ginger and re-leaving it of any fleas, you know now that I think of it not everyone came in to watch the Christmas special. I wonder where my dad and uncles went?-(heheheee…)

Does anyone remember Dolly Parton and Lee Majors in Smoky Mountain Christmas? (I always thought it was Kenny Rogers- Oops. It’s a must see, but good luck finding it, it’s a tough one to find.)  That is the movie I remember watching, belly full, and ready to doze off we’d sit mesmerized until it was done.

The sights and sounds at Grandma’s house during Thanksgiving and Christmas were always special. I’m thankful for those moments that have my grandparents etched in them. Whether we agreed with everything she did or not, she is a part of how we are here because she brought my dad into this world and he is pretty special.

I am thankful for family. How about you?



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