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The Little Box

As I continue my story these last few weeks of 2015 will be of Christmas past. My question is how do you countdown to Christmas? Are you counting down ever aware of the days left for shopping? Are you checking off a to do list in preparation? Are you using an advent calendar and sharing the Christmas story?

Growing up we counted down Christmas with the help of a little box. The first time we saw it we didn’t know what to expect. Inside, all neatly stacked in a row, the box contained 25 2 1/2 ” x 4″ yellow envelopes with silver clasps. Within each envelope was a simple slip of paper and a small wooden object or figure. Each one carved and painted with love. As the days passed the pieces were placed on the table and slowly the Nativity scene began to appear. I wish I could tell you where they came from. I don’t remember. But from that time on I looked forward to opening them every Christmas season.


So, every December 1st Mom would bring out the little cardboard box.  Each morning we would gather around with anticipation taking turns opening an envelope. We would read the words typed on our slip of paper, listen to His Word, sing songs, and pray with thanksgiving. When did we stop using the little box?  I sometimes wonder whether my little brother remembers it or not…

Now as I have a family of my own I have been able to share the little box with them.  What is so amazing to me is that every piece had a part in the retelling of the birth of Christ and when Christmas day came the story was complete. Why? Because each person had a part in the story to make it complete, just like you and me. So I encourage you to open each day with anticipation…and prayer and see what unfolds!

Who are you going to tell about the birth of Jesus?

Merry Christmas!

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