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Looking like my Mom and Dad

Over this summer I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with my family. What a joy to be able to have that time of fellowship, laughter, and memories. Even when we go places and meet new people someone almost always comments on our likeness. For example when standing by my sister… “you two must be related, you look the same.” Or when with my folks… “You look just like your Mom!” or “You look like your Dad!”

When my daughter hears that she looks like me she just smiles. Better yet you should see our faces when someone asks if we are sisters… Haahaahaaa


Okay, I’ll stop with that now.

There are times when it’s more than standing beside them that others reflect on our being related, it’s my behavior that portrays them when I’m not. Sometimes I’ll say or do something that was exactly like what my mom did as we were growing up and I seem helpless to stop it. It’s so ingrained in me. I’m my mother’s daughter.

As my husband and children know my mom and dad and can see that in me, so much more do I desire them to know and see my heavenly Father in me!”

Tim Timmons song “Starts with Me“, plays through my heart and mind…

“I really want to change the world,

I really want to sing your song,

but I know revival’s got to start with me.”

It has to start with me.  That statement just plays over and over in my mind. How did I get to know my mom and dad so well? I spent time with them, watched them, listened to them. This applies directly to my desire of others seeing Christ in me. I have to spend time with Him, watch Him, listen to Him. So that others will know that I am His!

I’ve been challenged to spend more time with Him and read the Bible through from the beginning. At first I struggled because I’ve read parts of it already, like a thousand times.  But yet I’ve plunged in and am discovering still amazing truths that I’ve not seen or understood before. God is Amazing.

In Genesis, three in particular men stuck out to me. They each walked with God. But each had a different ending…one chose sin and was sent out of the Garden, one was taken and didn’t die- he was just gone, the other was obedient and the earth multiplied from him.  They each made a choice…

I know what I’m choosing.

What will you choose?



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