Getting Sucked In…

The boys and I quickly sat down in the movie theaters remaining seats that were down near the front. As the previews played for what seemed like the amount of time required for the movie itself, I gazed around at those in my line of vision.  Here we all were taking time out of our day, our hectic schedules, to sit together in a room full of complete strangers to watch a movie. It all of a sudden seemed unusual to me.

Think about it. How often do we take time out of our day to spend with family or friends? Yet we can take time to be with strangers and watch T.V.? It’s a place where no conversation is required, no thinking, just watching. It would be different if I went there to make friends.  Then I pondered the idea of what close knit relationships would look like if we used that time to invest in relationships rather than being sucked into a movie that doesn’t require any participation on our part.

Don’t get me wrong, there are excellent movies, and I’m not telling you not to watch them. I’m going too.

Just don’t get stuck there; stuck in a place where you’re mind is in a movie or a television show…there is so much more to do.

Now do you want to know what we watched? Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

On the way to the movies my boys talked about it like they had already seen it. They were already engaged in it, and were thinking of the characters and who they liked the most.

My take on it? I left humored at the comparison of these characters to Christ’s disciples…a bunch of misfits out to save the world. God has been using those not “qualified” in the world’s eyes for a long time. Any one can share the love, light, and the truth of Jesus Christ. You just need to believe in yourself, rally your friends, and fight together. Their are lives at stake waiting on you to save them, before it’s too late… they just don’t know it.

What movies have you seen lately? How much time a week do you spend watching T.V. or movies?

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