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The chairs were all set up neat in a row. The children could hardly stand the wait. The Sunday School teacher (a.k.a. my Mom) stood upfront waiting to delegate the tasks for the mornings “service.”

My Mom

My Mom

Here is where I, my siblings, and the other children learned how to light the candles, carry the flags and Bible, say the pledges to each, sing praises to God, and read His Word allowed. What I remember and enjoy the most was the singing! I remember some of the motions to these songs too! They were great!

Within the last 5 years I have had the privilege of teaching sunday school at a local church and to my surprise, these children didn’t even know the song “Jesus Loves Me”. I was shocked. Growing up, singing music and praising God was such an important part of my life, that even now I thought that every child just naturally knew these songs because there parents taught them to sing them. (I am very thankful that my mother was able to teach me in her own special way.)

The morning show on Klove has been talking about these very songs that we sung as children in Sunday school. Some mentioned this morning were “The Lord’s Army” and “Deep and Wide.” I got tickled when they sang them on the air. (Well done!)

How many of you remember “This Little Light of Mine?”, “Running Over”, the “Doxology”? Or “If you’re Happy and you know it?” Do you remember the motions? What was your favorite Sunday school song(s) growing up? Do you still catch yourself wanting to sing them? Let me know, I would enjoy hearing from you!

Singing praises to the Lord our God is as pivotal as the air that we breath.
Psalm 103:22 reminds us to “Praise the Lord, everything he has created,
everything in all his kingdom. Let all that I am praise the Lord.”

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