Swinging Fun

Summer’s Swing

Sitting on the swing set I grabbed both chains firmly.  I backed my feet up onto my tiptoes and let go.  Back and forth my legs pumped as my velocity increased.  My hair was down and it moved with my motion. Tickling my face whenever it came forward,  I couldn’t help but laugh.  I got so high that my tummy started flopping and the chains on the swing set started to buckle.  I just wanted to reach out and touch the sky!

Swinging Fun

Summer to me is like swinging.  School comes to a close for the end of the year.  The children all get off the learning train and onto the playground.  Where do they play?  Some go to Vacation Bible School.  VBS signs are posted on every corner of just about every church I pass.  Some have it for a week, some 3-4 days, and others for one.  The excitement is contagious as the children get signed up.  Some are signed up for the whole summer, one VBS after the other!  I really enjoyed going to VBS as a child, it was awesome fun! (Which reminds me… I’ve got a story to share about that sometime.)

Others go to day camps as there parents can’t necessarily participate in summer vacation with them and if your homeschooled you might not even know what summer vacation is.  The list can be endless with summer swinging activities, spending time with friends, the library summer reading program,  movies, and family vacation making the “swing” go higher and higher!

A word of caution to this fun.  When the swing starts buckling, your kids get whiny, or you get tired.  Remember that it’s okay to take a break.  Let the swing slow down and enjoy some quiet time together.  Or by yourself.

Haven’t been on summer’s swing for awhile?  Is that you?  Don’t forget to have fun too, build relationships with your family and friends.  Laugh and love along the way.DCFC0952.JPG

Enjoy your summer swinging and make memories that last!

What are some of you favorite summer activities? Do you have any VBS memories?


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