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My Melted Heart 2

Before too long he came back through the front door to report that all had been taken care of. He had contacted the gas company and soon my heat would be restored.

I had completely forgotten I was cold. I started getting “gitty” as he stood there talking to me. Then he did it. He asked me. “Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?”

Would I? Oh, yes! However my reply wasn’t that simple. I managed to spit out something like this, “I’m very busy. Between work and my daughter, and being a part of the Potter Player’s (theatre), I just don’t know if I have time. But you are welcome to call me. Maybe we can work something out.”

Fun along the way...

Fun along the way…

I wrote my number down on a slip of paper and upon handing it to him, he glanced over it. He couldn’t help but ask me if that was really my number. I smiled because it sure was, you see my number was exactly the same as Mark’s except for the very last digit. His was 8 and mine was 9. I couldn’t believe it myself when I first realized it. How often does that happen?

We said our goodbye’s and I remained on “cloud nine” for a few more moments. Vicki and I laughed together. I was beyond excitement, wondering when I’d see him or hear from him again.

It almost seemed like weeks, but it was only a few days. I returned home from work and had one message blinking on the answering machine. Mark came on and said, “Wow, that really is your number. Would you like to come over later for dinner? I’ll look forward to hearing from you.”

Yes, yes, yes!!! I ran about the house catching my heart because it was flittering about with joy everywhere.

Arrangements were made for Aurora to eat dinner with Meme and Grandpa while I went to meet with Mark. I wanted to get to know him better before I introduced him to her. His house was easy to find, only 3 houses down from my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. (Imagine that!)

Butterflies were everywhere in my stomach. I thought for sure if I opened my mouth they would fly out. I knocked on the door. Mark greeted me with an enormous smile and handed me a white rectangular box. I opened the box and to my delightful surprise saw the most beautiful red roses. I had to sit. My eyes started leaking and I knew that if they started they wouldn’t stop. I hadn’t ever been given roses like this before. Sitting on his couch I just stared at them for a moment trying to gather myself. I couldn’t tell who was more excited me or him? I thanked him again, somehow it didn’t seem like enough, but it was a start.

Our evening together was lovely. He showed me around his home. And we sat together and enjoyed a meal that he had cooked. The big difference between my cooking and his? He knows how too.

Becoming one in marriage was the greatest step in the adventure of our lives and it had only just begun. I am so thankful for the day I met my Mountain Man, my Mark. That divine connection put me on a path I never thought was possible for me. I’m glad I was wrong.

What was your first date like with your spouse? How do you celebrate your anniversary? Share your stories here ~ I would love to read them!

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