the depth of death

I was engrossed in my reading yesterday, while waiting for the boys at the mall, and was brought back when someone loudly said, “If you’d get your head out of your Bible for 30 minutes, you might be able to help someone. They need directions to Ruby Tuesdays.” This was only the beginning of the 5 minute conversation that included asking me why I was sitting there? Was I homeless? Why was I reading my Bible? His girlfriend needed saved, what does she need to do? His wife smiled at him as it was apparent that they were married. He was abrasive as he continued to throttle me with questions. He yelled to a couple walking by and shouted, “Are you saved? Come to this table here and you can be saved!” They can be saved? They just needed a prayer and they would be saved?


It is a choice. To die to sin and believe in Christ. To begin a relationship with him that goes beyond a marriage covenant of death do us part. To work out our salvation with fear and trembling. It’s more than a prayer.

Now as he walked away hooting and hollering I turned back to 2 Kings and began to read again. Each time I read in the Old Testament I can’t help but think of how they were given the Law through Moses and when they disobeyed death ensued. They were a chosen people, a holy nation, they belonged to the Lord. He showed countless acts of His mighty power and provision to them. He is a just God.

A few examples include:

  • Moses never entered the promised land because of his act of anger.
  • A gentlemen lost his life because he claimed to kill the anointed king Saul in order to make himself look important to David. He died.
  • David’s first born child with Bathsheba died because of their sin. (She had belonged to Uriah)

The point?

Who am I not to have died 100 deaths already? I should have died a long time ago. I too have sinned, I have heard the same stories of the Old and New Testament that my siblings have,  I have confessed Christ as Lord, I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good, yet am I living according to His Word? At any moment is he just going to be done with me, done with my disobedience? Done with my saying yes to him one minute and acting contrary to that the next?

The depth of death? Jesus died and went to hell. He conquered the grave and He is Risen. He made a way to the Father, sent His Holy Spirit, and there is no other way to heaven. Only through Jesus Christ.

He died for me. His grace is sufficient. He’s not just going to be done with me. He is the Victor. He is not waiting for me to mess up one last time and walk away, he is waiting for me to get it right. And you know what? He is waiting for you too…


My beloved is mine and I am his, Song of Solomon 2:16a .

I can be who he has created ME to be. Today I was reminded of that with the message shared by Pastor Matt Wilson (Ekklesia Christian Church) .  So who am I?  I am Vicki L. Moag, child of God. I love Jesus. I love my husband Mark and I long for him to grow in his personal relationship with Christ, as I do each of my children. I am the laughing, dancing, singing, author. I enjoy teaching my children at home and the community we have with other homeschooling families whether with Classical Conversations or not. I love MOPS and the mommies who walk through the doors, whether their kids are kicking and screaming or running in to meet their friends. I love my church family. I love my friends. I love my parents and siblings and their families. I love you.

Happy Sunday, celebrate in the depths of His love.


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