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The Last Friday…

As Samuel stepped out of the van this morning heading to school, I grabbed my kiss, and hollered out the window (don’t you just love being able to do that?) ~ Enjoy your last Friday of being a 3rd grader!

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Unlike the picture above, where Samuel was GOING to his first day of 3rd grade, ready for anything. This morning he hung his head and didn’t smile. I watched my growing boy shuffle into the school with out any enthusiasm. Thinking back over this school year for him, he has endured bullying, met a girl (hehee), had to adjust to a substitute while his teacher was out on maternity leave, he played an awesome season of basketball and did his best on his school work. He had a fantastic year of growth this year in third grade. And for him, it’s onto the intermediate school come fall for 4th grade.

How I wish I could go to school and see how he is doing and to share with him a hug and the same encouragement that was given to me just this morning.
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So let me encourage you ~ You are loved by the Almighty King of the Universe. Today is a new day! Let us rejoice and be glad in it! It is not a day that can be lived again. Every moment is a precious gift of time. So smile, laugh, and dance, the weekend is here. And maybe when Samuel gets home I’ll tackle him with tickles, who knows maybe I’ll even get a smile from him!

So how about you? What is exciting about today? What are you going to do and what kind of attitude are you going to have doing it? Will you be an encouragement to someone today?

Oh, and one more thing, do you have memorable stories from your elementary school year of 3rd grade? I would love to hear them!
Have a great weekend!

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