The Writing Desk

When was the last time you wrote a letter?

It seems the days are long gone when you would receive a hand written letter in the mail.  A letter (not printed off) with intention, designed specifically for you to read.  Do you remember when?

The Writing Desk

Everyday I look forward to getting the mail to see if a letter has found its way to me.  A letter that meant that I was being thought of…

Indeed, I was very excited to receive a letter the other day.  To see my name on it, penned with a friends unique style of writing.  I normally would hold onto a letter until I had some quiet time to read it and soak in every word.  But, it had been so long, I couldn’t wait.  It was beautiful.   Do you remember the excitement of getting a letter in the mail?

I know that I have mentioned before about technology and what it replaces.  Now just a reminder, don’t get me wrong; technology when used in the proper manner can be an excellent tool.  I am very thankful for our computer.  And I do enjoy being able to write here on this blog, on this place and space that has my name on it and is currently my own.

But what about personal letters?  Do you think it’s the same as texting?  As talking on the phone or sending an email?  Should these things replace the age old tradition of letter writing?

As I read in 1 Corinthians this morning and found myself reading in the 10th chapter, it occurred to me that I was reading a letter.  Paul wrote this letter to the Corinthians.  He didn’t write it in order to have an agent or publishing company review it or put it in print.  Nor to advertise it, sell it, or have author signings…. He wrote it for the church in Corinth, over 10 chapters, and they were delivered, read over, poured over, and prayed over.  To this day they have been handed down to us, to teach us, a personal letter (inspired by the Holy Spirit) tucked within the pages of the Holy Bible.  I can hardly fathom it.

It’s incredible isn’t it?  What was the longest letter you ever wrote?  Whose life was impacted by it?  Do you miss handwriting letters?

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