My Melted Heart

The temperature outside was 20 degrees. The snow blanketed the ground, the roads, my car. The ride into work was a bit slow, but steady. I warmed up from the car heater trying to mentally prepare myself for our office not being as warm. Just stepping outside made my fingers cold all over again. I heard the snow crunch underneath my feet and with my head tucked into my coat I headed to the office. I was the first one there and fumbled through my keys to get the door opened.


The snow

I stepped through the door. Got a big whiff and thought just great. That’s all I need on this cold January 4th morning. The smell of gas. (And no, it wasn’t left from someone being previously in there either.) We had a small gas heater on the wall that took the chill off and to my dismay I couldn’t turn it up this morning. Instead I had to turn it off.

I called into my boss. No answer.

I waited and called again. No answer.

Thirty minutes later I tried her again. No answer.

I called the gentleman who owned the building. His reply? Call the gas company. It needs to be turned off.
They came out promptly and kindly did so. Now what?  I just needed someone to come out and fix it right?  But who?

An hour later my boss calls. “How is work going? You called who? You did what? You call Mark Moag right now and have the leak fixed!”

Ok. Who is that?

After finding his number. I left a message on his house phone.
I left a message on his dinosaur cell phone.
I left another message on his house phone.
Then he called me back. “I will get right over there and fix that leak for you.”

In the meantime Vicki and I, (yes, I worked with a Vicki), were freezing.  We still had on our jackets trying to stay warm and get our work done.  Except our fingers weren’t cooperating very well and gloves aren’t the greatest things to wear when you need to work on the computer…

To my surprise, the door swings open.  In walks this hunk.  With a carhartt winter jacket on, a winter hat, the biggest smile, rosy red cheeks from the cold, and blue eyes that just melted my heart.  Oh, my.  You are here to fix the leak?

He politely told me he knew where and how to get in the basement to fix it and it wouldn’t take long.

I managed to say ok.  (Was my mouth just hanging open?)

As soon as they (he brought help) were out of sight.  Vicki and I started talking about them.  Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t being mean, but wow, I just fell in love and I didn’t even know it.  We were laughing and giggling imagining what kind of man he was and what he looked like with out that bundle of winter clothes on.  Come to find out later…Mark and his help heard every word that we were saying.  Apparently the floors weren’t very sound proof.  Could you imagine my embarrassment when I found out?

Not like leaving you hanging… but I am.  I’ll let you know what happened next week!

Happy Anniversary to my Hunk!

How did you meet your spouse?  Please share!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Serena on June 24, 2013 at 8:02 pm

    That is so adorable!

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