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Turning the Page

Will Rogers once said, “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today” (Goodreads, n.d.). As you let that settle in, May marks the anniversary of my last blogging entry in 2017. I believe it’s necessary for you to know the basic overview of what these past seven years have entailed in order to decide…

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the depth of death

I was engrossed in my reading yesterday, while waiting for the boys at the mall, and was brought back when someone loudly said, “If you’d get your head out of your Bible for 30 minutes, you might be able to help someone. They need directions to Ruby Tuesdays.” This was only the beginning of the 5 minute…

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A time for building

Dear Ekklesia Christian Church and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Peace be with you. Nehemiah speaks of rebuilding, revival, and reform. In the Bible he responds with his obedience to speak with the king and return for a time to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall. (Click here, this will take you to Nehemiah. This is…

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The $13.00 Race

Many changes have occurred in the lives of those affected by Hurricane Matthew. I see people emerging out into relationships and being the hands and feet of Jesus. There are so many ways that you can help make a difference, share a smile, or be an encouragement to someone in their time of need. You…

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Dear Church,

I tossed and turned last night pondering my recent visit to the mountains. Sunday I longed to be home attending church with our church family. As I neared the local church during my morning run, singing could be heard through the open windows. I glanced around and noticed 5 vehicles parked outside the old red brick…

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The Biltmore- the dining room

In Matthew 22 Jesus begins with the Parable of the wedding banquet comparing the kingdom of heaven to the wedding banquet a king was holding for his son. All the preparations had been made and the invitations sent, but no one would come… Three times in the first four Gospels it is recorded what Jesus spoke at the Last…

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The Biltmore- Home

We stood on the stone wall taking in the view. The gardens lie to the left of the home, the stables to the right, and the driveway continues along the gate to the front steps and then exits. Everyone that we meet associated with the home is kind and welcoming which is truly refreshing compared…

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The Biltmore – entering the estate

As we approached Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC, I had to contain my excitement as for some time now I had desired to see the house and the grounds. I must confess we had attempted to see the house once before and had only made it as far as the building that sold the tickets…

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A New Years Present

Tonight as we sat on the wrap around porch protected from the night rain a band played. I have no picture to share with you, but it is a moment in time I won’t ever forget. Try and imagine it… A small boy around 7 years of age eagerly asked his father if he could sing a song with them. As they…

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The Little Box

As I continue my story these last few weeks of 2015 will be of Christmas past. My question is how do you countdown to Christmas? Are you counting down ever aware of the days left for shopping? Are you checking off a to do list in preparation? Are you using an advent calendar and sharing…

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Author Vicki L. Moag grew up in the mountains of Pennsylvania with a love for music and the outdoors. Now, whether singing in a choir, the congregation, or teaching children, she finds a way to share her love of music with others. She currently resides with her family in South Carolina, where they enjoy countless adventures together.


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